BC Graduation Requirment


In order to graduate with a Dogwood, every student has to pass certain basic courses. The table below is an overview of what you need to graduate. Each course is worth 4 credits. 48 credits from required courses 28 credits from elective courses 4 credits from Career Life Connections 12 & Capstone

REQUIRED COURSES (48 credits minimum) ELECTIVE COURSES (28 credits minimum)
Career Life Education 10  
a Language Arts 10  
a Language Arts 11 TOTAL CREDITS (80 minimum*)
a Language Arts 12 *At least 16 credits must be from 12-level courses
a Mathematics 10 including a Language Arts 12 course
a Mathematics 11 or 12  
At least one Fine Arts or Applied Skills 10, 11 or 12  
Social Studies 10  
a Social Studies 12  
Science 10  
a Science 11 or 12  
Physical Education 10  
Career Life Connections 12 & Capstone