Royal Bridge School is a distinctive and innovative school with the ability to respond to the needs of a diverse student population while supporting academic, social and life skills. Together with students, parents and stakeholders, our vision is to create an environment built on excellence, personal success, inspirational student leadership, and the acquisition of effective competencies relevant to the demands of the modern world.

Our purpose is to teach our students social responsibility, to use technology to access learning resources, and to become well-balanced students through the study of Academics, the Arts, and Athletics. We expect our graduates to be fully equipped to succeed and thrive at universities in Canada and beyond.

Our ultimate goal is to prepare students from Royal Bridge High School to gain acceptance and study at Post-Secondary Institutions in Canada, thus building a solid foundation for student’s future careers and academic studies. We have gained international recognition for our effort in providing students with valuable experience and education.

The RBHS Story.

Royalbridge Education Group is a Canadian corporation headquartered in Vancouver, BC. As a multi-national company with an operational focus on education, cultural exchange and educational technology, we have over the years been fully committed to promoting Canada’s education, culture and cooperation around the world.

Through the efforts of our employees and shareholders, we have established kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, universities, training centres and IT R & D institutions and many other entities in North America, Asia and Europe. At the same time, to promote the integration of the Canadian culture with cultures around the world, Royalbridge Group has carried out a large number of international exchanges and training projects, and with a flexible curriculum, rich training contents and excellent teaching quality, has won the affirmation and praise of the students, business partners and program host governments.

As Royalbridge Group has developed over the years, we have seen the demand for a high quality high school program in Canada for international students.  To this end, we are opening Royal Bridge High School in Vancouver, BC, in September 2017.  Our vision is to provide the best teachers, facilities, and materials available in a supportive learning environment to help international students come to Canada to succeed in their academic pursuits.  Royal Bridge High School is undergoing Certification as a Group 4 BC Ministry of Education Independent School, ensuring our students will be enrolled in the Canadian education system and will receive the support required to apply and enrol in top-ranked post-secondary universities and colleges in Canada, the United States, the UK, and other Commonwealth countries.

“Sincere cooperation and mutual development” is our motto. Royalbridge Group will always adhere to this principle, as we are committed to being the world’s preferred partner for governments, enterprises and individuals to create new development opportunities and contributing to their strength.

Teachers are the key to academic success, able to help unlock the doors of learning through their passion for the profession, dedication to lifelong learning, and modelling the Royal Bridge High School expectations to all of our learners.

Our Philosophy.


1. Embrace Excellence

– Recruit high-quality staff who embrace a global perspective, are willing to look for the strengths and attributes in all students and seek to unlock the creativity within themselves and their students.

2. Engage our Students and the Wider Community

– Recruit students who are committed to achieving their potential; engage parents in the education process; and celebrate post-graduate success.

3. Create Sustainable Governance Structures

– that will ensure continuous improvement and financial stability that will translate into improved student learning outcomes.