About us.

Royal Bridge High School is a fully certified and bonded British Columbia Ministry of Education Independent School and all of our students are enrolled in the BC education system. Royal Bridge High School is also a bonded institution – in compliance with the Independent Schools Act of BC – which provides students and parents financial protection of fee deposits submitted to the school.

It is significant to note that each of our Royal Bridge students will have the same range of learning opportunities and experiences as all other Canadian students. Marks from Royal Bridge are reported to the Ministry of Education which issues transcripts and diplomas to our graduates. Our students leave Royal Bridge with a solid foundation for success in top post-secondary institutions.

Our school program is structured to provide first class teachers who create supportive learning environments in order to help our students develop and strengthen their academics, language and creative and critical thinking skills as well as providing a foundation in arts, sports, technology, and social responsibility. Our ultimate goal is to prepare students from Royal Bridge High School to gain acceptance and study at Post-Secondary Institutions in Canada and abroad and to have our graduates depart Royal Bridge with a deep and strong understanding of their future role as global citizens. We have so far achieved tremendous success in placing students in programs at high ranking universities in Canada, the United States and overseas. Having a college acceptance rate of 95%, we are highly placed amongst high schools in Canada.