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At Royal Bridge we only hire the most highly qualified and experienced teachers who can challenge our students to succeed at the highest levels. Our selection team and carefully crafted hiring process ensures that only the best teachers become part of the Royal Bridge learning team.

Most Popular Private High School

Our graduates’ successes have made Royal Bridge one of the most popular private high schools in Coquitlam for students looking to prepare themselves for university acceptance.

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We are certified members of many provincial, national and international organizations.


Dear Prospective Parents and Students of Royal Bridge High School,

Welcome to Royal Bridge High School!  Royal Bridge High School is founded on the concept that students learn through experiencing new ideas, new social settings, and through connecting with an excellent curriculum.

Royal Bridge High School offers students in Grades 9-12 the chance to study in a safe and caring environment with the full BC curriculum as well as dynamic after-school classes to support study habits and build academic skills.

Royal Bridge High School is a dynamic place to learn.  We will guide the school academically and ensures the students are meeting or exceeding Canadian learning outcomes so that our students are immersed in an English learning environment that promotes fluency.

We will care for each student, from the application process through graduation and transition to university.  We will provide dynamic learning opportunities in the classroom and exciting adventures outside for field trips and holiday travel around the Province of BC.

Once again, welcome to Royal Bridge High School and I look forward to meeting parents and students at school.

Mr. James Ion, Principal of Royal Bridge High School


2018 Offer Received from Top 50 Universities


Graduation Rate


Advanced to top 5 Canadian University

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Our purpose is teach our students social responsibility, to use technology to access learning resources, and to become well balanced students through the study of Academics, the Arts, and Athletics. We expect our graduates to be fully equipped to succeed and thrive at universities in Canada.


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